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We are firmly convinced, that every customer has the right to know how a product price is calculated. And this is the reason, why we have made the decision, to make the prices of KIANI fully transparent. Our intention is, that every purchase order should be placed with firm conviction.

Personally, i only want to purchase products, where i can make a difference and where not just a CEO can afford the 10th super car by excessive margin of the prices.

We would also like to make garments valued again. Even, when you don't pay that much for your garments - someone will pay for it, with the personal health, the exploitation, the daily risk entering the sweatshop and at least our planet will always pay for our mistakes.

Production Costs:

The production costs contains all costs of the garments. From design development, the high quality fabrics, the labour, the quality control, the hangtags and tags and the shipping to our warehouse.


1% of each product price is the donation for an NGO. Learn more of the donation.

Company Costs:

These costs contains cover the expenses for the office space, the IT costs, the marketing, the salary of the employee and our profit margin. Our profit will be directly invested into the development of new products to continuously expand the product range.

Payment Fees:

We need to have a payment provider, to offer you the beautiful products of KIANI online and this is what we pay for each item in each payment transaction.


KIANI need to pay taxes as well, as every other legal entity. The current tax in switzerland is 7.7%

Founder of KIANI activewear - Kira Annina


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